Monday, August 3, 2009

Racism is here to stay

After a while, lies become legends and no matter what, no matter how big is the question mark for some, people believe and lies stay. Most of those morons are not being brainwashed, they just repeat what they hear from their political party. Arguments/proofs? They have none, except for being racists. But don't hold your breath, you will never hear this from them, unless caught on tape. This video was recorded during our protesting Palin/McCain when they came to Media. "You were even born in America" said one of their supporters to me. This woman was right, I was not born in America but she had no reason to believe this, unless if any American who speaks with an accent is not an American born. In any case, does not matter if I am American citizen, does not matter if I have the right to vote and if I pay taxes. Morons and racists fall into the same basket. Bill Maher is right, if we do not stop the lies we are in deep shit. The hatred towards our President is real and I am convinced that if the color of his skin were the same as mine questioning his birth certificate would not exist. Shame on those who call themselves "Patriotic" while teaching hatred to their children! Those children will be our America of tomorrow. Racism is here to stay.