Friday, December 5, 2008

Hope? You bet!

Don't blame me for Obama's choice for his cabinet. I just voted for him. Don't judge me if I am not protesting. You see, I am one of those who keep hope alive. I do not believe in preemptive wars and if you are among the millions who marched against Bush's war on Iraq, if you are among those who preach peace then join me in supporting our new president elect and wait. Wait and see what he will be doing with what we gave him. Change won't come overnight and perhaps not even in months or in a year and no, I do not believe that Obama is betraying us with his appointments. We have all been invited to join the team and participate in the discussion, lets do it! The one who pretended to be a "uniter" will have packed his bags in 46 days . What a relief! The whole world will be applauding, but I surely would not like to be in Obama's shoes. Picking up the pieces from the Bush administration's destruction won't be easy. We have a choice here, either we work with our new president and trust that yes, he will listen. Or we take the streets and continue to do what we are so good at and perhaps missing a bit? Or we try a new method in beginning a "conversation with America". Can we? I say yes, we can!
And lets go from there.