Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics and Religion DO NOT MIX! (especially in CHURCHES!

Finally it is out! This morning CNN spoke about "Christian Churches" and their pastors who are telling their followers to NOT vote for OBAMA! I hope those bastards who break Federal law will be charged and pay taxes from now on and why not pay for past taxes they were exempt in the past!
A letter written by Mortimer M.Caplin, Cono R. Namorato and Marcus S. Owens was sent to Michael Chesman ( I.R.S). READ IT

OBSESSION : "...required viewing for everyone" (Howard Gordon) REALLY?????

If - as I did- you received the DVD "Obsession: Radical Islam's War with the West" - a propanda film against Islam- conveniently sent to households wrapped in newspapers and purposely sent during the Presidential Elections campaign ( and even if you did not), please contact the distributor "Clairion Fund" as below.
Clarion Fund
255, W. 36th street
Suite 800
New York, NY 10018
646- 502-8380
The Clarion Fund - a shadowy non-profit organization that does not publicize its officers, office location, or source of funding - recently financed the distribution of some 28 million DVDs containing the film ‘Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West’ in what many political analysts describe as ‘swing’ states in the upcoming presidential elections. Those same analysts say the distribution of the ‘Obsession’ DVD was designed to benefit a particular presidential candidate, namely Sen. John McCain.
A nonprofit group that has shipped out 28-million copies of a controversial film on radical Islam refuses to reveal the source of its funding, but numerous ties connect it to a well-known Jewish education group that vehemently denies any involvement with the film.
AND, please take the time to thank the newspapers who refused to distribute this film and to condemn those who did!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Simply igorant and full of hatred!

As we protest in Peace, my accent gives me trouble! "You were even not born in America!" And Oh! the next line " Put your arms down I am smelling you!" is another insult from people who have a bias toward the French and/or the Spanish .

Yeah! I often heard " do you shave?" get my drift?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McCain/Palin "Victory" rally!

I was among the peace activists in front of the Court House in Media chanting "No more of the same! Bush, war and McCain!" as the supporters of McCain/Palin waited for their "victory" rally to begin. I am outraged at the distasteful comment "keep your legs closed" one man shouted at the Planned Parenthood group and at the vicious personal accusation someone made in calling someone a "pedophile" - Never mind that many children were part of the republican crowd. My friends, this is not an example of teaching civility and respect ! I did not escape verbal attacks either, in fact I rarely do during our always peaceful protests as even after forty years of living in the United States I still have a strong french accent. A woman told me to go back to where I came from and that I should "shut up" because I was not born in America -never mind that I am an American citizen- And as I was holding high a huge Obama sign "America's Hope", she added "Put your arms down, I am smelling you!" My friends, change in Washington must start in every home of America. Call me naive but I have never seen so much hatred among Americans since I live here. Don't we have enough hatred in the world?

No More of the same! Bush,war and McCain!

During a rally held by McCain/Palin at the Court House in Media (Pa.)on Sept, 22, 2008 We, Anti-wars activists held a rally of our own. This event organized by the Brandywine Peace brought together Obama supporters, Veterans For Peace and many other different groups. The McCain supporters were asked to wear red you can see them and sadly many children were there. I am just hoping that one day they all will see the light!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

McCain/Palin are coming to us and we will welcome them NOT!

Tomorrow Monday, they will be in Philadelphia and later on in the afternoon in Media. They call their event : Victory Rally
We will be there!

NO MORE OF THE SAME: BUSH WAR & JOHN McCAIN McCain/Palin Victory Rally in Media TOMORROW - Monday, September 22 Raise Your Voice for Peace in Media, PA 3PM - Protest Walk from Routes 1 & 252 (Baltimore Pike & Providence Road), preceded by vigil beginning at 1:30PM The Republicans are shuttling busloads on Baltimore Pike from the Springfield Mall to the John McCain/Sarah Palin Victory (ticketed, restricted) Rally in Media beginning at 3PM in front of the Delaware County Courthouse (Front St. & Veterans Square). McCain and Palin will make a brief appearance around 5PM. We will demonstrate for peace and for justice. Tomorrow, we will gather at Baltimore Pike & Providence Road (Rts. 1 & 252) at 3PM and walk into and through Media stating - with signs, large banners, and chants - our opposition to the policy of war and occupation, corporate profiteering at the ex pense of people. NO MORE OF THE SAME: BUSH WAR & JOHN McCAIN! At the corner of Baltimore Pike and Veterans Square, we will take our message and protest to the "sea of red*" rally for McCain & Palin. (*McCainites are being asked to wear red)
Note: Monique and friends will be wearing blue!From 1:30PM - 3PM, there will be a peace vigil at the corner of Baltimore Pike & Providence Road (Routes 1 & 252, Media's main intersection) with banners and signs prior the protest walk and demonstration JOIN US if you can! Parking nearby in Acme lot and easily accessible by SEPTA bus #110 - get off at Baltimore Pike & Providence Road - and #101 69th St. - Media Trolley - get off at Providence Road & State State and walk one block south to Baltimore Pike, see Banners and signs available or make and bring your own! Money for Human Needs, Not War! Don't Be Silent, Join Us Monday in Media. NO MORE OF THE SAME: BUSH WAR & JOHN McCAIN Brandywine Peace Community, P.O. Box 81, Swarthmore, PA19081 610-544-1818 brand

Why some people will vote for McCain?

This is the best of all the excuses I ever heard. A very wealthy client of mine - who supports McCain- told me that he had lunch with one of his VERY wealthy client the other day. That client told him that he did not like McCain, despised his policies, did not like Palin yet he will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket. Scratch your head. Do it again. Now guess...............
Because Obama will raise his taxes.
I wonder how many of those guys (and gals) are out here. Pretty sick is it not?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Plain - Hillary Clinton Skit on SNL

laughing is good for the soul!


How many selfish bastards like this one?

I wish I had his name and contacts, I would give him a piece of my mind! A colleague of mine had lunch with this very rich and powerful guy who told him that he could not stand McCain and his policies and that Palin was a dangerous joke, but because he will be subject to pay higher taxes under a Obama/Biden administration he was going to vote for McCain/Palin. I wonder ho many of those guys are out there. I want to puke.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Could a McCain victory be a blessing for America?

McCain may have given America the best present in choosing Palin as V.P as if the duo makes it to victory what would be happening here and overseas could be changes that will awake America. Just think. For one thing, our alliance with France would find better ground with Sarkozy who wants to bring religion into the political french arena and as I am typing is welcoming the Pope who in turn wants to enlarge his audience. Yes, French people are protesting but so what? Who is listening? Then perhaps it will be easier for the U.S.A to get together with the french government in waging wars. Hey! if The Iraq war was a task from God and that God is everywhere, you get my drift. Back home, unwanted babies born from incest and/or rape will join millions of adopted children - many of them with physical and/or mental handicaps- who would have been baptized. Their souls would have been saved. Alleluia! And with the help of Sarah Palin - especially if she becomes President of the United States , you can bet that Roe Vs Wade would be reversed. In our Court an amendment to the Constitution against Gay marriage would bring to an end the threat on heterosexual married couples. We will be drilling for oil in ANWR because Palin would have brought some light in McCain's brain and speaking of McCain's brain this is what he will offer in term of health care.

Those are just a few of what will happen with a McCain/Palin victory. This could be a blessing for America as our dry-drunk country would pay the price for electing a worst ( how can it be) administration after making George W. Bush the president not just once but twice. One needs to lose all in order to face reality from mistakes and to recover. Then, lets hope that Americans would have finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel they would have created.

We HAVE THE POWER! Lets use it by making the right choice. VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN in 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 anniversary does not unite us

I want to puke when I see flags coming out on national holidays - as if all of the sudden people become patriots- but when on the anniversary of 9/11 I see not only flags but signs that read "We will never forget" I want to scream HYPOCRITES! See, I have neighbors who want to be seen as TRUE Americans (sic) yet who rarely vote ( I should know, I work for many years as Inspector of Minority in my district), and who never openly support any candidates. Wife is registered Democrat, husband Republican. Those kind of people want to please all but mostly do not have the guts to show their true color. See, where I live in the suburb of Philadelphia where big homes and plush gardens outnumber modest proprieties and poor working class neighborhoods and believe or not but where the practice from the republican party had been to encourage new comers to register under the big "R". Yes, I want to puke. As I am writing this, husband ( not mine, but neighbor) is again cutting his grass. God forbid, one millimeter of an inch too high would not look good. And so, every two days we are all bombarded with the noise of his gas mower from his obsessive compulsive sickness. Perfect home from the outside, powder to the eyes of passersby. But I know better from all the monies he borrowed from me through the years and the lies told with a straight face. Such people exist everywhere but it is hard to live next door to them. I would like to tell them that they do not fool me, that their flag does not make them what they pretend to be, that their fucking sign " We Will Never Forget" made someone richer when they bought it and I would like to ask them that if THEY will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001, will they also NEVER forget the anniversary of the war on Iraq? WILL THEY? Much is being said about seven years old children who ask about what happened that day and try to make sense of the tragedy, but are we asking ourselves what is happening in the mind of the seven years old Iraqi children who have lost their parents and the ones who have been wounded? Do we ask ourselves what will be the future for those kids? No, 9/11 did not unite us for long, as if it did we all be screaming outrage , ask for forgiveness but most of all demand justice for all of our soldiers who died in Iraq and for all the innocent victims of George W. Bush 's war.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11 and here comes Palin

Palin's son is leaving for Iraq tomorrow - How convenient- wanna to bet we are going to hear about this?Patriostism and blablabla.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I try not to look at the polls. They make me sick and remind me of the 4004 election when we thought that Kerry was to win. But this being said, the thought of a McCain/Palin administration and of a Palin/???to follow is frightening. In another hand if this is to happen it will tell us that America has not reached the bottom (hard to believe) and just like a dry-drunk our country needs to lose all in order to recover. Fact is that too many people do not do their homework and rely to the media to feed them. You know "Just as seen on T.V". And come the campaigns! Watching the RNC, I felt like I was watching a cult in action. We have lots of work to do, one is to fight the religious right . And why, may I ask, the question of religion is always one of the first that comes to mind? I dream of the day when a candidate will say " this is not of your business", we keep on playing THEIR game and we fall in their trap. There is more than the Media to blame but the "morality" of voters who do not see further that the dreams they are being sold for the time of the campaign only. And just wait, the fear card has not being fully played yet by the McCain/Palin. You would thing that fools are no more. Think again.


I would think that by now Obama would be ahead and I mean far aghead of McCain on the polls. Here we go again, did I say before that I do not trust the polls? Cannot help it to glanced at them. Do people choose to be fooled again? Today Bush declares that he is "thinking" to pull out 8,000 Troops from Iraq. Good thinking jerk! They should not have been there at the first place.
This war should be the number one issue in the presidential election. What are people thinking? Economy? yup: THE WAR, moral values? THE WAR! Here is for you Mr. Bush:
Mr. President,
I want to knowWhat is a mother to say to her child when old enough to ask why did Dad go to war, why did he have to die?What should we read on the tombs of the brave American soldiers who lost their lives?What should we tell the orphans of Iraq?I want to know the name of the God you pray, the one who tells you that you were right to attack Iraq, how you manage to smile and lie at the same time, how you can sleep at night.I want to know how many poor families, how many people without health insurance, how many of our own we could have helped with 500 ++++million dollars we are spending every four-day in Iraq.You have carried your support for the death penalty beyond the country you chose to bomb. I am joining all the outraged citizens of America, I am standing up and I am fighting back.Mr. President, you have to be impeached for treachery and I WANT TO KNOW when. It won’t bring back our sisters and brothers neither the innocents who lost their lives just because they happened to be there. But it may bring back trust in our heart that America stands for Justice. Your legacy will be “the war president.” You own it. Mr. President I want to know that one day you will be humble enough to say that you are sorry, instead of pointing fingers at those who “mislead” you. If I cannot find peace for your war that I call a massacre, it may restore in me the faith in humanity.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I am cleaning up my home and plan to leave this country if McCain/Palin become our "leaders". But perhaps this is what America needs. Seems that people have not learned yet. I want no part of this. I spoke with my sister who lives in France, she said that people are very nervous, that they are waiting and hope for an Obama victory. When I think about the people who won't vote for Obama because they are angry that Hillary did not win, I want to puke! This is a nightmare, a pure nightmare!
Just imagine a future Palin as President of the United States! How about a REVOLUTION?