Thursday, October 30, 2008

Concerned about Barack Obama?

You bet I am! I am outraged at the smear campaign and at the dishonesty of the McCain/Palin rallies. Gone is the respect I once had for McCain. The man's legacy will be remembered by the dirty campaign he conducted and his choice of a prop as V.P. With Sarah Palin he incited his followers to hatred and violence. Today his "joe the plumber" had the audacity to say "Vote for a true American" suggesting that Obama is not a patriot.
Yes, I am concerned . Obama is winning in the polls but so was John Kerry in 2004 and we saw what happened! The whole world is waiting for Obama's victory and I pray.
Meanwhile, Palin attacks Obama and former Gov. Tom Ridge declares that that McCain had made a bold choice by selecting Palin. No kidding!
After 8 years of a Bush presidency I am afraid that our country will stay divided for a very long time. It is not just a question of political differences but it is about blatant hatred, discrimination and racism. This is not the America I knew. Perhaps I did not want to know because it is too damn painful.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Don't bring them home?

Yesterday I delivered lawn signs to many of my neighbors in support of my State Representative, Greg Vitali. If you do not know what people are thinking take a walk around your neighborhood. As I said previously many people make believe they are supporting one candidate Vs. another but when someone takes the time to cut a sign and remove half part of its wording I have no suspicion that this is what they think and want you to know.
One sign read "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" the other half "BRING THEM HOME " was perfectly cut out.


Polls said that Obama is winning double digit, polls say the race is tightening. On NBC it is reported that 55% say that Palin is not qualified.I am sweating I am nervous and I should not listen to the polls.
I believe that the majority of people who have a McCain/Palin sign on their lawn and who probably but not necessary will vote for them will not do so because they like the ticket. Most of them will just support their party. Is this not a shame?
To day from Obama's campaign I got this:

The Republican National Committee is distributing a mail piece that says "Terrorists" on the front and opens to a big picture of Barack saying "Not Who You Think He Is."John McCain -- who promised to run a respectful campaign -- said that he was "absolutely" proud of it.

Can they go lower than that? This is criminal! Oh! and listen to Tamar Yonah one of Israel's most popular English-speaking radio show hosts. Tamar continues the discussion on the Barack's birth story and states that if Obama just came out and gave the courts his original birth certificate, the suspicions against him could finally be put to rest, and the truth prevail.

In twelve days we will have a new president and the whole world is waiting while pundits lie through their teeth and nothing can stop them even the most outrageous lies on Obama's personal character. Yes, this is criminal and the news media do not lift one single finger.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


On 10/11/08 Sarah Palin dares to come to Philadelphia (again). Hundreds of people gather in protest by the Bellevue hotel where she was having a fundraiser. Notice a beautiful bride who asked to be taken in picture with my sign. My thanks to my friend Tim for taking that scene and a little of me protesting.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


There are no undecided voters 27 days before the elections! In fact the "undecided" made their decisions a long time ago, if they ever existed. My opinion, especially for these Elections. Hard core Democrats will vote their party, and hard core Republicans will do the same - even if they are scared shit of their V.P nominee but they won't tell you this, only a whisper to their owns-

Oh! some Conservative Republicans may have the guts to speak more about their feelings but no matter what , for them it will a G.O. P vote.

Just two days ago I heard on NPR a couple of interviews with some of those people. from the start I could finish their own sentences. Most of them were voting for McCain/Palin ticket. For example a woman began by saying thatMcCain has a lot of experience as a combatant and a Senator and that obama was an intellectual (guess for whom she is voting?) the rest about Obama was totally irrelevant. She ended with - word for word- that "people are hungry for God but they don't know it." Unbelievable! A man said that after listening to the second debate (Obama/McCain) he could not vote for Obama because he did not answer any questions. WHAT?
Undecided voters are liars. They want to have a few minutes of fame, be heard on the news and pretend that they are analyzing the candidates. Or better they are using a trick to try to convince people to change their minds by speaking on a microphone.
I avoid those people. No time to waste . But I will continue to speak to those who say that they will vote for Nader or do a write-in for Kucinich (who himself is voting for Obama and encourage his own supporters to do the same.)

When in a mist of a Palin rally someone yells "kill him", when a young woman is being asked if she believes that Obama is a terrorist responds "Yes, I do" after
a non-stop week of smears against Obama's character, I am enraged but I also believe that "We’ll pass it, I predict"

This is what I sent to my political groups and personal friends:
I am sending this to personal friends but also to people I have worked with in fighting the Bush administration. While I usually respect each and every one's choice in voting, I will not this time respect the choice of anyone who knows that FASCISM is here yet who supports a third ticket knowing VERY WELL that it may end-up with a McCain/Palin victory. This is not the time for a third party's win but we must put an end to FASCISM! We all must rally behind OBAMA/BIDEN.
Please watch:

PS: don't agree with me? Don't worry, I will not be living here any longer to pester anyone if a McCain/Palin ticket wins!
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" ~Martin Luther King Jr.~
Thank you,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Surely Wall Street's greed is one reason why our country is in trouble but wait, am I the only one to point finger to Bush's war? Are we paying attention to the cost of this unjust despicable war? Should Bush be bailed? I have to pinch myself for the silence of our Congress and the American people! This man should have been impeached a long time ago, but no we are ready to turn the page and let him retire in his ranch in Texas. Proud to be American? Proud to forget that our soldiers died for a lie? Proud to forget that 4,710 ( as we know so far) of our braves and that over 1,2 million innocent Iraqis lost their lives? And about all the lives lost from the Coalition Troops? Shame on us for letting this man "lead" our country to the end of his term. SHAME!