Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blagojevich? Who's next?

Blagojevich Has Been Removed From Office and I do not feel an ounce of pride for our justice system. In fact I want to vomit. What kind of people are we for having let Bush finish his term yet we applaud to the Impeachment of a Governor who has not taken any lives? Surely Blagojevich deserved what he got. He abused his power many times, lied and got caught.
During the Bush administration, Democrats had no guts while to day Republicans continue their politics of hypocrisy, such as Sen. Dan Duffy who said "testimony shows that his abuse of power has been going on for years and that many people in this government and in this chamber had to have known about it."
Let me hope that same Dan Duffy and his gang will agree with me that Bush deserves to be arrested for war crimes while I applaud NOT on what happened today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Farewell, Mr. President

Mr. President,

In 2004, I wrote an open letter "Mr. President, I want to know" (the President was you.) Today, I am somewhat revising my letter, especially after you recently expressed your disappointment for not finding any WMD in Iraq, hoping that you will get it on January 20Th.

So, Mr. President, I still want to know what is a mother to say to her child when old enough to ask why did Dad go to war, why did he have to die?
What should we read on the tombs of the brave American soldiers who lost their lives? What should we tell the orphans of Iraq?
I want to know the name of the God you pray, the one who told you that you were right to attack Iraq, how you managed to smile and lied at the same time, how you could and still can sleep at night.
I want to know how many poor families, how many people without health insurance, how many of our own we could have helped with the billions we spent in Iraq.

Mr. President I was hoping that before you leave would have been humble enough to say that you are sorry, instead of pointing fingers at those who “mislead” you. If I cannot find peace for your war that I call a massacre, it would have restored in me total faith in humanity.

Mr. President, you have not been impeached although you committed crimes against our Constitution ( authorized torture, lied about it, authorized surveillance on American citizens, went to war under false pretense and more), but impeachment would not have brought back our sisters and brothers neither the innocents civilians, women and children who lost their lives in Iraq just because they happened to be there. Your legacy will be “the war
president.” You own it.
But, because I believe in Justice, I know that one day you will be made accountable.
So, just for now I say farewell.

Monique Frugier
"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" ~Martin Luther King Jr.~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


And Because we care! WE MUST DO THIS !

Appoint a Special Prosecutor for the Crimes of the Bush Administration
President-elect Obama recently said, "if I found out that there were high officials who knowingly, consciously broke existing laws, engaged in coverups of those crimes with knowledge forefront, then I think a basic principle of our Constitution is nobody above the law."

Attorney General-designate Eric Holder recently said top Bush Administration officials "authorized the use of torture, approved of secret electronic surveillance of American citizens, secretly detained American citizens without due process of law, denied the Writ of Habeus Corpus to hundreds of accused enemy combatants, and authorized the use of procedures that both violate international law and the United States Constitution."

The Bush administration has refused to investigate its own crimes and President Bush may issue blanket pardons before he leaves. President Obama must appoint a Special Prosecutor - ideally Patrick Fitzgerald - to fully investigate these crimes and prosecute those responsible to demonstrate that we are truly a Nation of Laws and no one - including the President - is above the law.

- Bob Fertik (President of, New York, NY Dec 06 @ 06:02AM PST

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Justice in America

America, the home of the Braves who preach Democracy , justice and equality through the entire world never stops to surprise me. On December 19, 1998 WE impeached president Bill Clinton for perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. Monica, you should have burn your blue dress! Bill c'mon, you should have known better than lying in front of the world! Is it that hard to say that you had sex with an Intern (and in the White House on top of this)? Guess what? I would have lied too. Yes sir! Today, January 10, 2009 WE impeached the Illinois Governor,Rod Blagojevich for perjury, obstruction of Justice and abuse of power. In America, WE stand for Justice. No one is above the law, no president (remember Nixon?), no Governor, no one I tell you. Isn't America a great country to live in? Pinch me, please. What happened to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's promise to make the Bush administration accountable for its crimes? Ah! this was before she was sworn in (first time). She must have forgotten and now she had been sworn in - second time- Hey! She must be good to keep her post!
During his campaign, Obama said that he will listen to us, he asked us to participate to the conversation, to ask and we should get answers. Obama was elected and through his new site I was eager to read answers I had been longing for, especially re: the question posed by Bob Fertik, “Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor (ideally Patrick Fitzgerald) to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?"

Vice President-elect Biden, 12/21/08: “[T]he questions of whether or not a criminal act has been committed or a very, very, very bad judgment has been engaged in is—is something the Justice Department decides. Barack Obama and I are—President-elect Obama and I are not sitting thinking about the past. We’re focusing on the future… I’m not ruling [prosecution] in and not ruling it out. I just think we should look forward. I think we should be looking forward, not backwards.”

Wait, Am I missing something? May be Yes, may be no? I just "think"...moving forward? Not backward? Let me try again, put your glasses and READ:

Is it "moving backward" to protect and defend OUR Constitution? Is it "moving backward" to ensure that carte blanche is not given to any president, any elected official in abusing power, lying, giving authorization to torture, going to war under false pretenses? OH NO! No Impeachment? The braves of America won't give up. WE won't turn the page to eight years of hell, WE will continue to demand justice and WE will march and protest for the Indictment of George W. Bush and his gang!
Listen to Philippe Sands Considers A Legacy Of 'Torture'

Friday, January 9, 2009

Who cares about the Palestinians?

The numbers are here.
And guess which weapons Israel is using against the Palestininans? People die and Israel continues bombing Gaza while refusing a cease fire. But better, they stop here and there for a few hours to let food and med. reach Gaza. What? feed them, bandage them before you kill them? And the word Holocaust comes back over and over again as an excuse to kill. Bottom line: THEY are right, I am wrong. No matter what. If you are with me, just do this NOW.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

An Unnecessary War? Aren't they all?

Do not misunderstand me. I hate wars, but a true "pacifist" I am not. I would defend myself if attacked, I never pretended to be or wanting to be a martyr. But bombing a country is another story and to say - after bombing- that fighting on the ground because from the air it is difficult to see what is really being targeted ( heard on NPR from the Isateli Government)infuriates me.
I agree with Jimmy Carter and I am glad to see the Bush administration go and hope that Obama will stop following the bias approach of the Bush administration toward Israel. Not that I support Hamas but lets be real, when dealing with extremists ( on both side) one must be honest. Again, two wrongs do not make a right but this vicous cycle will not end because the United States says so. A two states solution is the only answer to this conflict. Will Israel understand this?
Now, the conflict is widening, and this should not be a suprise for Israel did it expect that no one would come and help its ennemy? Good job! lets see how many more are going to die and how much safe, WE are all going to feel!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Freaking wars!

Some say that as long as there is life, there is hope. Today, I feel tired of hoping. I am tired of protesting against wars, tired to witness wars for "Peace". As I am writing, Gaza is in flame and children die. This is war, they say. Cannot avoid people for being killed. There will never be Peace on earth, and as my my friend L. says , many Peace organizations will be out of a job if all wars would cease. No more members, no more salaries given for a quota in recruiting new members. Yes, anti-war is also a business for many.
I wish that all "combatants" would stop to listen and refuse to fight. It would be as I hoped before in asking Congress to stop sending money for the war on Iraq. No money, our soldiers would have come home a long time ago. But we seem to like heroism. We call Heroes those who die for the leaders who sent them to fight, let alone to fight for lies. We call Heroes those who come back physically and/or mentally damaged for life. We build monuments in the memories of the fathers, mothers, son and daughters who did not escape the bullets and bombs. We pray in their memories and pray that it won't happen again. Until next time. In our calendar we create a new holiday in the "Memory of..." Thank you, but I have enough of friends and family who already are in my memory for just dying of disease. I do not need new holidays to commemorate another war. And no, my father was not a "Hero" either. Poor young man was not educated enough to get a better job to feed his family, probably like the German guy who shot him to death. Today, Boris Vian is my mind. Listen:
Boris Vian Le Deserteur English Subtitles: