Monday, January 25, 2010

The real cowards

I recently met a man who said he gave-up reading and/or watching the News "I rather enjoy my life" he said. I worked with anti-war activists who got burned-out, some moved to Canada other left the cities where they worked and lived and began a new life in small villages overseas. Not too long ago, I would have thought that those people were cowards. Today, I would like to have the courage to abandon my fight for Justice and Peace but it is in my veins and I cannot get rid of it. Since Obama's inauguration I have not marched, not written much but I am here wondering when would I see the end of the nighmare I thought would come - if not now, in a near future I would see- of waging military wars and unjust treatments of human beings here and in the world. Having the courage to abandon the fight is fighting for survival when you have nothing more to give. Being a true activist is not about making your name a name to remember but to give strength to those who join you, bringing hope that will survive in time for another generation. The sad reality is that we cannnot trust the people we put in power. They are the real cowards who do not have the courage and integrity to deliver their promises. Those are the real cowards.

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Larry said...

I don't think cowardice correctly describes the Obama Presidency at this time. I think that Obama has been so compromised by special interests that he is gradually losing his soul.
Also, his deluded belief in a perpetual war on terrorism internationally is doing in his progressive agenda at home.
More later.