Sunday, March 29, 2009

Food, Inc. and me

Today I saw a documentary which made me ashamed to belong to the human race. the way we dare treating animals for our own consumption, manipulate food for profit without caring of the negative effects on future generations and abusing our planet. Ten years ago, I chose to become vegetarian not just because of the growth hormones ( rBGH or rBST)given to animals and which I did not want in my body, but I came to the intelligent conclusion that I did not need to eat meat to survive. Today more than ever I am outraged that our society believes that animals are here for us to kill and eat. But for those who believe that this is the case, I urge them to watch the documentary, they may change their mind.
As if fattening and killing animals were not enough, the food industry is killing us all, bit by bit by destroying vitamins in the food we eat. One has to look at a company such as Cargill which "threatens the environment in both the United States and abroad. It has spilled toxic waste into the San Francisco Bay, violated the Clean Air Act with harmful emissions, and deforested key habitats for endangered species in South America."
It is time to wake-up, don't you think? That is if you care.
In a few weeks I will get to work and enlarge my vegetable garden. I am grateful to have a garden to begin with and if you do not, I urge you to buy from your local farmers and support the farmer markets which accept food stamps ( a great suggestion that was given to the audience watching the film).
Organic food being - usually- more expensive, should be available to all!

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